Why coaching?

2021 Development of Coaching within LOC.

Wed 6 Jan 2021

Carol McNeill, LOC Lead Coach

The Plan builds on the valuable work that has been undertaken in the past, identifies the different groups which orienteer and pulls together present and new approaches to coaching members who want to improve their skill base and enjoyment. It includes investment: - buying in professional expertise whilst building up a new base of coaches.

Why coaching?

Coaching is essential for any sport with an interest in maintaining and increasing membership. What will the club actually gain from this?

  • Training is generally a much more shared experience than doing a race. This fosters understanding, good communications and is the foundation of a good club.
  • Greater interest and enthusiasm for the sport is fostered through learning and applying new skills.
  • This is the environment where our new club officials will come from. People are asked to question their technique, question their ideas about planning and it raises the bar in terms of understanding the sport.
  • Coaching can be offered to all but in particular to older juniors giving them a place to network, find training partners and build confidence.
  • It provides a place to try new skills and race techniques in a safe environment. It is a safety net for trying out ideas and failing.
  • It gives opportunities for one to one encouragement and immediate practice.
  • It is a platform for improvement, seeing and knowing people being selected for squads, camps and teams.  
  • With more coaches more coaching and happier orienteers.


The previous series - Spring 2020

LOC funded Martin Bagness to be lead coach for a series of coaching sessions with Carol McNeill as co-ordinator & assistance from a few other LOC coaches. The sessions attracted over 30 people who included members of WCOC, SROC and WAROC.

‘Who needs to be coached?’ – trying to include all members with scope for development in bringing in new members. Read more….


The new Spring 2021 series

THE 2021 SPRING COACHING SCHEDULE - Revised 06/01/2021

INTRODUCTION – due to the new covid19 restrictions the coaching will take on a new (& novel?) approach. Please keep checking this section as changes might be enforced. Read on.

We are still fortunate to have the creative inspiration of Martin Bagness again for the Spring 2021 coaching sessions. They will take on a new format using online/zoom to present each weeks technique and race skills.

The details and schedule for this series is available here.

COVID Guidance

January 2021 guideline - Outdoor socialising and exercise

This is allowed only with people from your household. However, if you are taking outdoor exercise, such as walking or running, then you are allowed to do so with one person from another household if it is just the two of you.  People doing the training exercises should meet up with another person at the start and not leave from the finish until both of you have finished. 

Any adjustments to the usual guidance will be emailed to everyone who applies. It could be that one or more sessions may have to be cancelled but those decisions will be made as the year progresses. People in a different, higher tier – if they are still with us – will NOT be able to come.

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