SolO Orienteering (2020)

Orienteering courses during COVID-19

Sun 21 Jun 2020

Course options for SolO Orienteering have been created with normal Orienteering standard maps using both the Routegadget and the MaprunF methods.  

The Covid-19 Googlegroup

​​The Covid-19 e-mail Google Group has been set up as a means of distributing course information securely for both Routegadget and MaprunF courses.

The Group is administered by Dick Towler () who you should contact if you want to be included. 

Note that it will be necessary to agree to some conditions before the information will be made available for any of these courses.

The Routegadget based Option 

Some SolO Orienteering courses were planned and set out on various areas with the control sites marked by lengths of tape on the ground at the start of the COVID 19 lockdown period. Most of those courses are still available. Runners can post their time and GPX file to the associated Routegadget files to give results

Contact Dick Towler () for PDF maps and information for the courses which are currently available.

The MaprunF based Option

MaprunF is an app which runs on both Android and Apple mobile phones and GPS enabled tablets. It can be downloaded free of charge.

The LOC courses are normal orienteering courses except that there are no physical markings on the ground identifying the location of the control sites. The mobile device will ‘beep’ at each site.

For each course the map must be downloaded to the mobile device, for which a PIN must be obtained. It is also recommended that a paper map should also be used. A PDF file will be provided with the PIN.

The PIN and the PDF map for each course can be obtained from DIck Towler ()  or Jerry Purkis ().

Results will be provided using MaprunF via a link in the course list table

The following documents are available for more information:

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