Results for Planning Competition 3 - Kendal

Sprint Race

Sun 21 Jun 2020

The results are as below, the maps may be viewed using the links, thanks to our guest judge Pippa Archer, a former elite Orienteer, for doing an excellent job of judging.

Position Planner Score (points) Links
1st Nick Howlett   Map
2nd Jerry Purkis   Map
3rd Loz Colyer   Map
4th Derek Allison   Map
  Richard Tiley   Map
6th Dave Walton   Map
  Elizabeth Rocke   Map
8th Jo Cleary   Map
  Carol McNeill   Map
  Andy Robinson  

Map 1

Map 2 



Pippa's Judging comments

An excellent set of courses that had me scratching my head about many of the route choices! You all made good use of the area and challenged my brain as well as my legs. Scores were really close, but something that really made a course stand out for me was the need for constant decision making, either due to the density of controls or tricky choices to be made on the longer legs. On this area, the best long legs headed across the town centre and onto the hillside on the west side of the map – there’s the opportunity for tricky navigation right up to the end of the leg, and this can immediately be followed by more tricky legs just when the runner is tired from running up the hill!

One thing to watch out for: try not to position three controls in a straight line. There may be great route choices on the individual legs, but you risk the runner’s eye ‘jumping’ over the middle control and making a silly error. Some of you may recall this happening to Thierry Gueorgiou in the World Champs relay in 2010…

A final comment about leg planning in sprint: when assessing the length or challenges associated with each leg it is useful to identify which parts of the leg actually contain the choices. When discussing route choices during training sessions we would often say something like “…well you’re obviously going to have to get to that point [e.g. a bridge crossing or single point of entry into a complex area], so what are the choices from that point onwards…” Something to bear in mind when you are planning your next sprint course!

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