Results for LOC events held between 2001-2005

Thu 1 Mar 2018

The Issue

When we moved to the new website some of the results from previous events were processed to be available directly on the new website, and the old website was archived as a complete unit to an alternate web space based on ''.

Everything for events from 2006 onwards works correctly within the old website but for events held during 2001-2005 the results don't open correctly.

To access the results for the 2001-2005 period follow the process below.

Process to open results for events between 2001-2005

1. Navigate to the event results list for the year you want to see.

2. Select that link for the event. The webpage you will get will be incorrect, it will be a page from the new website.

3. Edit the URL in the navigator bar of the Internet browser and replace '' with '' and press the return/enter key.


'' becomes ''.

The correct text-only results page should be displayed, if you find any which you need to open which do not open using this process please contact me ().

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