Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Henry Leven Valley M12 5:08
2nd Joseph Holy Family M10 5:12
3rd Oliver Holy Family M12 5:21
4th Marcia Holy Family W12 5:45
5th Thomas Holy Family M12 6:13
6th Carrie Holy Family W12 6:14
7th Hannah Holy Family W12 6:20
8th Patsy Holy Family W12 6:38
9th Bethan M Staveley W12 6:40
10th Ben Leven Valley M10 6:44
11th Jayz Holy Family M12 6:55
12th Katie Holy Family W10 6:59
13th Isobel Staveley W10 7:12
14th Dan Staveley M12 7:17
15th Alex Staveley M12 7:22
16th Oliver Staveley M12 7:41
17th Charlie Staveley M12 7:52
18th Kolia Leven Valley M10 8:05
19th Jasmine Holy Family W10 8:09
20th Martha Holy Family W12 9:00
21st Nathan Pennington M12 9:01
22nd Ewan Pennington W12 9:02
23rd Adam Leven Valley M10 9:21
24th Holly Leven Valley W12 9:24
25th Thomas Windermere St Marys and St Martins M10 9:57
26th Isaac Pennington M10 10:00
27th Iona Pennington W10 10:01
28th Lucy Leven Valley W10 10:48
29th Jake Leven Valley M10 11:39
30th Callum Leven Valley M10 11:46
31st Arran Leven Valley M10 12:08
32nd Alesia STAVELE W10 13:37
33rd Bethan B Staveley W10 13:40
34th Dan Low Furness M10 14:37
35th Ben PENNY M10 17:06
36th Daniel Low Furness M12 27:21
m9 Tom HOLY FAMILY M10 6:27
m4 Molly STAVELEY W10 6:49
m5 Finn LEVEN VALLEY M10 8:01



Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Joseph Holy Family M10 5:00
2nd Tom Staveley M12 5:23
3rd Christopher Staveley M12 5:25
4th Tom Holy Family M10 5:46
5th Ewan Pennington W12 5:47
6th Nathan Pennington M12 5:51
7th= Harvey Staveley M12 5:55
7th= Adam Leven Valley M10 5:55
7th= Holly Leven Valley W12 5:55
10th Carrie Holy Family W12 6:01
11th Oliver Holy Family M12 6:05
12th= Hannah Holy Family W12 6:14
12th= Henry Leven Valley M12 6:14
14th Ben Leven Valley M10 6:19
15th= Patsy Holy Family W12 6:30
15th= Finn Leven Valley M10 6:30
17th Dan Low Furness M10 6:49
18th Katie Holy Family W10 6:51
19th Jasmine Holy Family W10 7:30
20th Oliver Staveley M12 7:35
21st Marcia Holy Family W12 7:42
22nd Martha Holy Family W12 8:07
23rd Jake Leven Valley M10 8:10
24th Jayz Holy Family M12 8:33
25th Bethan M Staveley W12 8:57
26th Thomas Holy Family M12 8:59
27th Thomas Windermere St Marys and St Martins M10 9:13
28th Isobel Staveley W10 9:50
29th Lucy Leven Valley W10 10:28
30th= Iona Pennington W10 12:48
30th= Isaac Pennington M10 12:48
32nd Kolia Leven Valley M10 13:20
33rd Lily Staveley W10 14:05
34th Rosa Staveley W10 14:07
35th Ben PENNY M10 14:37
36th= Ellen Pennington W10 16:18
36th= Callum Leven Valley M10 16:18
38th Arran Leven Valley M10 16:45
39th Daniel Low Furness M12 18:38
m6 Dan STAVELEY M12 7:17
m3 Molly STAVELEY W10 11:21



Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Harvey Staveley M12 6:12
2nd Christopher Staveley M12 6:44
3rd Joseph Holy Family M10 6:48
4th Marcia Holy Family W12 7:14
5th Tom Holy Family M10 7:20
6th Nathan Pennington M12 7:25
7th Ewan Pennington W12 7:29
8th Oliver Holy Family M12 7:35
9th Isaac Pennington M10 7:37
10th Jasmine Holy Family W10 7:52
11th Martha Holy Family W12 8:39
12th Tom Staveley M12 8:45
13th Patsy Holy Family W12 8:46
14th Henry Leven Valley M12 8:57
15th Ben Leven Valley M10 8:58
16th= Alex Staveley M12 9:00
16th= Katie Holy Family W10 9:00
18th Hannah Holy Family W12 10:33
19th Jake Leven Valley M10 10:56
20th Dan Low Furness M10 11:00
21st Thomas Windermere St Marys and St Martins M10 11:24
22nd Charlie Staveley M12 11:26
23rd Kolia Leven Valley M10 11:51
24th Finn Leven Valley M10 11:53
m6-8 m10 Jayz HOLY FAMILY M12 6:19
m7-8 Carrie HOLY FAMILY W12 7:28
w10 Adam LEVEN VALLEY M10 7:57
w10 Holly LEVEN VALLEY W12 7:58
m6 Nathan PENNINGTON M12 9:26
w10 Iona PENNINGTON W10 9:31
m10 Thomas HOLY FAMILY M12 9:32
w6 Isaac PENNINGTON M10 9:40
w6 Iona PENNINGTON W10 9:47
m7-8 Arran LEVEN VALLEY M10 19:35