Reading the Start and Finish set controls

Mon 5 Jun 2017

The process in Autodownload to identify runners who have not downloaded

At the Event Main Menu level


Select ‘Data Collection’

    Select 'Collect Punches'

       Select ‘Read Punches (slave)’

          From the 'Actions' tab select 'Refresh Port List'

             Select the COM port for the master and ‘Connect’ the master control

Controls to be read must be in an active state, a 'Service OFF' key may be needed to turn them on before reading them. If this is done at download they will probably still be on, indicated by the LCD panel on the bottom showing information.

Place each START, CLEAR, CHECK, FINISH or SAFETY control from the event on the master control with the holes aligned.  

 - BSF7 controls as used by LOC, BL, WCOC, etc. should be placed face down.

 - BSF8 controls as used by UVHS and others should be placed face face up. 

Note that the main number label is on the top face of both BSF7 and BSF8 controls.

Do not read controls from other events because that might import confusing information in terms of dibber/date/time entries.


           Select ‘Read Station'

          When the read cycle is complete, select 'Save' to integrate the data into the database and repeat with the next control


All data will then be integrated into database.


Select ‘Up’, ‘Up’ to Event Main Menu Level


    Select ‘Safety Check’

            Select ‘Outstanding Competitors’

A list of the runners who have not downloaded will be displayed, the list must be 'refreshed'  as runners download to keep the list up to date. 

Information about any of the competitors can be opened by clicking on the SI card number.

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