Planning a Middle Distance Series Event

Thu 28 Feb 2019

Updated 28th Feb 2019

Normally both Planning and Organising are done by the same person for Local events, therefore the Organiser/Planner must read both Planning and Organising documents, hopefully they provide the information needed and answer any questions. Some services are also provided by the SI Manager and that information is also provided in the ‘Organising and Planning events’ webpages, please read those short associated webpage.

The concept of the Middle-Distance Series is to help runners prepare for the technical challenges of the Middle-Distance championships such as the British & JK through a set of specific races.

The Middle-Distance Series will be a set of linear TD5 races offering long and short course options using common controls. One course, winning time of 30 to 35 minutes with a shorter version, to be on the same map if possible, to give a course no more than 2/3rds the length of the longer course. For instance, a longer course might be 5k in length, with controls 1 to 15. The shorter version might use controls 1 to 7, then go to control 11 to create a course of 3.2k. For consistency the courses should be named 'Long' and 'Short'.

Planning should be middle-distance in style as characterised in the IOF rules.

The map scale should be determined by the nature of the area, typically 1:7500 or 1:10000. The planner is responsible for deciding on the locations of the start and the finish. If possible, the physical difficulty of the shorter course should allow for the fact that older runners will be taking part, so really steep descents and fallen trees should be avoided.

In addition, an Orange course TD4 is needed for less experienced runners.

Registration will open at 17.00. These races do not have a mass start. Competitors will choose when to start between 17.30 and 18.30, but should not start within 30 secs of anyone else. Courses will close at 19.30, by which time all competitors must have reached the finish and must proceed to download.

Some competitors will be invited to stay until 1930, in case someone fails to return by the course closing time.

The series coordinator will liase with planners and provide guidelines on what should be produced with planning software for the event map production. The planner is responsible for deciding how many maps to print and organising that with the map printer.

The planner is also responsible for sending the information to be uploaded to the website to the SI Manager as soon as it available, including parking location and any directions. A template is available from the SI Manager or the Series Coordinator.

The planner is responsible for producing the XML file for the courses and sending that file to the SI Manager, to arrive at least a week before the event. 

For Routegadget, the planner also needs to send a copy of the OCAD base map (OCAD v9), plus an ‘all controls’ map to the SI Manager. 

If using Purple Pen an Event Description Document describes how to create the XML and Routegadget file sets, and the SI Manager will also be able to advise on their production.

 For each set of these events the SI Manager will advise about which range of control numbers to use. A START, CLEAR, FINISH and SAFETY control set will also be provided

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