Permanent Course launches at Fell Foot

Fri 23 Oct 2020

In conjunction with the National Trust team at Fell Foot Park, we are launching a new permanent orienteering course during half term week using the MapRunF app we've been using for our virtual events since the lockdown. Maps are available to download below.

The permanent courses are available free of charge at anytime during Fell Foot's normal opening hours, please see the opening times here.

If you'd like to try one of the courses, just download the free MapRunF app first, select the courses and print out a copy of the map below. Then head to Fell Foot, open the app, select the course, enter the pin code from the map and click Go To Start and off you go ! If you haven't used the MapRunF app before, there is a guide to using it here.

During half term week only, someone from the club will be available at Fell Foot between 10am and 3pm, just to offer advice and get you started from the Active Base.

There are two courses currently available:

A 2.5km traditional line course - follow the line to find the controls in the right order as quickly as you like, no time limit. Line course Map

A 45 minute score course - you choose which controls to find and in which order, you'll score points for each one you find, but be careful, if you go over the 45 minute time limit you will start losing points ! Score course Map


Interested in trying more courses ? See the MapRun page here listing details of other available courses and who to contact for the maps. 


If you are planning on trying any of the MaprRunF courses, please ensure you follow all current Government guidance with regards to Covid-19 and do not congregate in groups of more than 6 with people from different households. Follow all social distancing requirements especially if passing through gates or over stiles and passing members of the public.
If you or a member of your immediate family are suffering from COVID symptoms do not run.

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