Park Sprint Series Final Tables

Sun 13 Oct 2019

The Park Sprint series concluded at Lakeside YMCA on Saturday 12th October, with an exciting morning of racing as several categories were to be decided on the day ! After four events, the best three scores count towards the final results.

Many thanks to all the planners, helpers, SI Team and John Pullin who co-ordinated the whole series and also to all the competitors who joined us at any of the events ! We really hope you enjoyed the variety each event offered.


Final series tables are now published on the results page for the Lakeside YMCA event, congratulations to all category winnners ! If you haven't yet received your prize, please get in touch and we'll arrange to get it to you at a future event.


Mini Sprint:

Ash Boothroyd, WCOC

Florrie Haddow



Junior Men - Alex Matthew, SROC

Junior Women - Cate Matthew, SROC

Senior Men - Matthew Rooke, LOC

Senior Women - Rebecca Rooke, SROC

Vet Men - Lox Colyer, LOC

Vet Women - Ali Hooper, LOC

Super Vet Men - Graham Patten, WAROC and overall winner

Super Vet Women - Julia Laverack, WAROC

Ultra Vet Men - Derek Fryer, LOC

Ultra Vet Women - Janet Nash, LOC

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