Odd/even score event

Tue 5 Jun 2018

A competitor starts by visiting only odd or only even numbered controls, then after visiting a transition control, switches over to the other type, i.e. even or odd controls. Competitors can visit as many odd or even controls as they like before switching over. Competitors don’t have to switch over, but, once they have switched over, by punching the transition control, they can’t switch back. 
Normally there should be 10 odd and 10 even controls, and 1 transition control with a TD3-TD5 mix, and in combination with other controls, e.g. those from the Yellow courses, the total should not exceed 29 controls. If controls from another course are included, as for SEEs, they should be numbered with equal numbers of odd and even numbers. The control codes should be arranged so that the odd control codes are controls from the odd list, and the even control codes are controls from the even list. This can be arranged in the planning process by renumbering after the initial site selection has been made. The actual control code for the transition control should normally be the highest control code numbered control in use.
These Score events usually last 60 minutes, with points being deducted for being late back. Normally each control visited scores 10 points and 5 points are deducted for each minute, or part minute, that a competitor is late back. 
The winner is the competitor with the most points after deducting the penalty points, and in a draw on points the winners will be the one with the shortest time.

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