Night Urban Series Tables updated !

Fri 13 Dec 2019

The final series table for the Night Urban Series has now been updated after the sixth event at Brockhole on Wednesday, please see the link from the Brockhole event page. Congratulations to all category winners, prizes can be collected at the Turkey Race events !

There is just one table for both courses, with scores allocated as follows:


Long Course - winner gets 100 points, 2nd place 99 and so on

Short Course - winner gets 90 points, 2nd place 89 and so on.


Each event counts, with the best four scores across all six counting towards the final scores. The winners in the following categories are:


Juniors (M/W16) - Christopher Wilson (LOC) & Ellie Simmonds (LOC)

Senior (M/W 18/21/35) - Jack Wright & Alex Earley (LOC)

Veteran (M/W 40/45/50) - joint M winners Dai Bedwell (DVO) and Alan Hartley (BL) & Ali Hooper (LOC)

Super Veteran (M/W 55/60) - Simon Filmore (LOC) & Jo Cleary (LOC)

Ultra Veteran (M/W 65/70+) - Derek Fryer (LOC) & Rowan Purkis (LOC)


Please note anyone running in a pair or any under 16's (who must be accompanied by an adult) are not inclded in the table.

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