Lakeland Orienteering Club

LOC British Long Championships SuccessWhitby North Yorkshire

3rd Harry Atkinson M10A
3rd Jamie Osborne M14A
3rd Paul Addison M65L
3rd Richard Towler M75L
2nd Lucie Heppenstall W10A
1st Heather Heppenstall W40L

Sun 14 Apr 2024

LOC JK successat 2024 Easter in The Midlands

Podium places overall for: more details

M10A 3rd Harry Atkinson

M12A 3rd James Heppenstall

M14A 2nd Jamie Osborne

M35L 2nd Rhys Findlay-Robinson

M45L 1st Duncan Archer

W10B 1st Lucie Heppenstall

W40L 1st Heather Heppenstall

W60L 2nd Jane Morgan

and in relays:

3rd Hard Knott M120+ R Findlay-Robinson, C Heppenstall, D Archer

1st Helvellyn W120+ H Heppenstall, S Atkinson, P Archer

2nd Catsycam MW 2010+ Jane Morgan, Derek Fryer, Jo Cleary

3rd Stickle Mini Relay James Heppenstall, Harry Atkinson, Jessica Atkinson

Mon 1 Apr 2024

Schools Series3 events Thursday afternoon

April 24 Ford Park Ulverston

May 2 Fell Foot

May 9 Cartmel Woods

contact Chris Pearson

Sun 21 Jan 2024

Yvette Baker Trophy heat

What a fantastic day, competing at Little Budworth on Saturday, LOC took a group of Juniors to the 'Yvette Baker Trophy' heat. Mostly made up of newer members competing in their first club team event. A few nerves but a lot of determination, you all did yourselves and the club proud today.JOINT 1STWow!

Unfortunately... After a recount we are now 2nd

see photos on facebook.

Sun 21 Jan 2024

2024 Night TerrainSeries winners

Open Cate Matthew SROC Joe Woodley LOC

Junior Daisy Rennie WCOC Sam Osborne LOC

Vet Rach Stavert LOC Duncan Archer LOC

Super Vet Adele Newall WCOC Ian Porter SROC

Ultra Vet Christine Robinson LOC John Embrey SROC

Thanks Jane Morgan Series Coordinator

Derek Fryer series stats, and everyone else including the SI team and weekly planners.

There were 180 different competitors over the 5 events.

Sat 20 Jan 2024

CompassSport Cup HeatHelsington Barrows 18th Feb

Well Done all the LOC competitors at the CompassSport Cup at Helsington.

8 managed to win their course, and many other 2nds and 3rds.

full results on SROC


Fri 19 Jan 2024

British Night Successat Hawes End WCOC and Northern Nights

Well run the following LOC members :

M35L 2nd Rhys Findlay-Robinson

M35L 3rd Nicholas Barber

M45L 2nd Duncan Archer

M60S 1st Andrew Leedham

M70L 1st Michael Napier

W40S 1st Liz Heaton

W45S 1st Eleanor Osborne

And all these came 4th…..

M75L Richard Towler

W18L Amelia Thompson

W20L Laura Brown

W45L Jane Morgan

W65L Christine Robinson

and in Northern Nights 3rd March at Weldrake Woods

MUV 3rd Andy Robinson

Thu 18 Jan 2024

Club Champs Finishers

LOC Award Presentations

At the social gathering, after the Club Champs event at Dockney Parrock yesterday, the annual LOC awards presentations took place for the Explorer awards, all the series winners during 2023, plus the following LOC awards.

Mon 8 Jan 2024Read more…

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