LOC/WAROC Armchair Planning Competition

An activity while we are limited by the COVID-19 Lockdown

Tue 5 May 2020

Martin Bagness and Dick Towler launched a new Armchair Planning Competition, which invited members to plan different specified courses to be planned on a map supplied each week.

Martin has supplied planning advice, which is good to read even if you aren’t intending to enter the competition. He’s also supplied an article that he wrote for Compass Sport some years ago. These documents can be seen here.

The invitation to enter has been sent to email addresses of LOC and WAROC members. If anybody hasn’t received that email, they should contact Dick Towler, , 07771 998554

The results will be published as they are completed:

 - Planning competition 1 - Graythwaite Brown Long

 - Planning competition 2 - Summerhouse Knott Brown MD

 - Planning competition 3 - Kendal Sprint

 - Planning competition 4 - Stickle Pike Blue - Long and Yellow

 - Planning competition 5 - Claife Heights - Very Short Green and Orange

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