LOC Summer Series using MapRunF

Wed 22 Jul 2020

While waiting for traditional orienteering events to resume LOC is offering a series of events over the summer using the MapRun app.  Courses are free and all abilities of orienteer will be able to participate.  Participants can run or walk the courses at a time that suits them. They will need to have a smartphone, have downloaded the MapRunF app and will have to have the facility to print off a PDF map unless they wish to follow the map on their phone (which can be tricky especially in poor weather).

See the LOC MapRunF User Guide for further advice on downloading and using MapRunF.

Start Block Area Suggested Parking Start GPS Accuracy Score Terrain Details Results
1 - 7 Aug Cunswick Scar Score 45 Cunswick Scar Car Park SD48969241 200m Very Good 45 Min Fast Open Fell Results
8 - 14 Aug Roanhead NT Car Park SD20057555 (small and popular) 250m Few metres out 60 Min Sand Dunes with paths and fences Results
15 - 21 Aug The Helm 45 Track south of Station Inn SD53488994 100m Few metres out 45 Min Fast Open Fell and path network over The Helm  Results
22 - 28 Aug Haverigg Millom Rugby Club SD15357832 200m Few metres out 45 Min Sand Dunes with paths and fences Results
29 - 4 Sept Birkrigg North SD28047462 200m Few metres out 45 Min Fast Open Fell Results
5 - 11 Sept Stickle Pike


Kiln Bank Cross

200m Few metres out 60 Min Fast Open Fell Results






















Course Information

  • Each course will be a score of duration 45 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on the area.
  • There are no markers of any description at the control sites.
  • Anyone wishing to participate in the Summer Series Challenge will need to complete the course within the designated start block (7 days).
  • The recorded time for the first run on the course within the designated start block will be counted as part of the Challenge.
  • It is recommended that a printed copy of the map is used.
  • If you have data switched on, your results will be automatically uploaded in the app after the course is finished. If not, you can upload your results when you have a wifi connection.
  • An extra column, GPS Accuracy, gives an indication of how close the signals should be to the controls. Cunswick Scar is Lidar mapped and accurate. The Helm is an older map, and the accuracy may be 5m out.



Courses are free.
A copy of the map and the PIN code for activating the course can be obtained from the day prior to the start date from Jerry Purkis 



This is an informal challenge. At the end of the series the highest scoring Senior M/W, Veteran M/W and Junior M/W will be publicised on the LOC website. There will not be any prizes, just the satisfaction of being a winner.

Best 4 out of 6 results will count.



Thanks to all those members who have used lockdown so productively to increase their knowledge about alternative orienteering courses and the use of MapRunF.

Jerry Purkis has taken on the role of Virtual Orienteering Course manager for the club.

Dick Towler has been administrating MapRunF courses

The following people have planned the courses for the Summer Series.

Jerry Purkis, Derek Fryer, Loz Colyer, Gill Browne Richard Tiley and Andy Robinson.


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