LOC 50th Anniversary - 28th June

Sun 7 Jun 2020

All LOC members, present and past, are invited to take part in a celebration of 50 years of Lakeland Orienteering Club at 11am on Sunday 28th June 2020. Anniversary celebrations have been kiboshed by Corona virus but Borderliners came up with a novel and fun way to celebrate their 50th which we hope to emulate. Thank you to Angela Whitworth and all Borderliners for the idea. We would love everybody to take part in an Anniversary ‘Event’, observing all current social distancing and government guidelines, so we can all enjoy the photos and accounts of everyone’s version of the event the next day.

Starting at 11.00 (or thereabouts) on Sunday 28/6/20, take 50 minutes to run, walk, cycle (or any other ‘50’ related activity) making sure to abide by social distancing and current Corona virus regulations.

Alternatively, you could run for 50 x 100m, cycle 50 km, visit 50 trees in the park or 50 knolls on the fell (open access area) etc. If you are still self- isolating then you could do eg. 50 circuits of the garden, 50 stairs, 50 controls on your garden O map. Or maybe bake a 50th Anniversary cake, make an Anniversary card, photograph 50 LOC maps, cover a route with a Strava trace of 50, find 50 rainbows in windows, 50 sculptures in Grizedale (bit ambitious) or build 50 sandcastles. Basically, just join in by doing anything to do with the number 50!  It’s limited only by your imagination.

Try to time and measure your activity eg use an app, GPS watch or guess and write a brief description of what you did (include your name). TAKE A PHOTO of yourself taking part (LOC kit appreciated, if possible).

Email your Brief Description/time/distance to Derek Fryer

Then email ONE photo per person to Ali Hooper (contact details on the contacts page)

The ‘Results’ will be emailed to everyone asap and Photos uploaded to Flickr and, possibly, the club website and LOC 50th anniversary photo book.

If you don’t want your details made public PLEASE indicate this when you submit your account/photo.

So, Give it a Go! We can all celebrate 50 YEARS OF LOC by joining in this activity together but separately!

We are looking forward to seeing all your photos and accounts. Have a great Day! If you’re still in touch with any former members of LOC we would love to include them so please share and ask them to join in.


Derek Fryer, Gill Browne, Judy Burge, Ali Hooper, Iain Smith Ward

( LOC 50th Anniversary group)

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