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Wed 12 Aug 2020

March 2021:   There will be 2 MapRunFs as part of the Back to O  Spring series.

March 31st       Holme Fell

April    7th         Hoad Hill Ulverston


For maps and pin codes email Jerry  


If you went to a control but it did not beep, you can use the MapRunF HITMO option in results, to adjust your result. See the LOC MapRunF user guide for details. 


LOC's Summer Series using MapRunF is now complete. Thank you everyone for competing, and thanks also to the planners for creating the courses. Your best 4 of 6 runs  as junior, senior, vet or super vet male female count, with a minimum 3 to qualify.

The winners are:    first                              second                 third

Junior M                Matthew Horne              

Junior W               Cate Matthew

Senior M               Matthew Rooke           Robert Browne

Senior W               Rebecca Rooke          Liz Heaton

Vet M                    Dan Parker                  Iain Smith-Ward   Loz Colyer

Vet W                    Karen Parker              Jo Cleary             Lindsey Bayles

Super Vet M          Derek Fryer                Cliff Etherden      Andy Robinson

Super Vet W         Isobel Williamson        A Smith               Rowan Purkis


Saunders Mountain Marathon have a MapRunF training event on the Howgills: a 6 hour score  details here          from Roger Smith.

There is a new 3.7km line course on the summit of Lingmoor, planned by Dave Walton.

There are also new line courses available on Caw,  Short 3k, Medium 5.2k Long 8.2k planned by Nick Howlett.

For maps and pin codes email Jerry  

For further details go to the LOC MapRunF webpage here

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