IOF Middle Distance Description

Ref. Rules of Orienteering – Version 3.8 – 01/01/2019

Thu 28 Feb 2019

The IOF characterise Middle Distance events as follows:

"9.2 Planning philosophy

9.2.1 The Middle distance profile is technical. It takes place in a non-urban (mostly forested) environment with an emphasis on detailed navigation and where finding the controls constitute a challenge. It requires constant concentration on map reading with shifts in running direction out from controls [IOF Competition Rules].

9.2.2 The element of route choice is essential but should not be at the expense of technically demanding orienteering. Very long legs should be avoided but small and medium scale route choice is encouraged. The emphasis should be on high speed running where competitors need to adjust their speed for the complexity of the terrain. There will be a higher density of controls than for an equivalent Long distance race.

9.2.3 The course require speed-shifts e.g. with legs through different types of vegetation [IOF Competition Rules].

9.2.4 TD5 courses should be planned to be as consistently technically difficult as possible."

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