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MapRun F
MapRun F
Last updated: Mon 16 Oct 2023

The Maprun LOC courses are normal orienteering courses except that there are no physical markings on the ground identifying the location of the control sites. Instead, you use the Maprun app on your phone. It will ‘beep’ at each control site.

Maprun user guide

The Family Project has set up a series of family beginner challenge course mapruns suitable for all.

LOC Maprun Challenge Course information More details on the Newcomers page

Maprun is an app which runs on both Android and Apple mobile phones and GPS enabled tablets. It can be downloaded free of charge.

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There are now multiple versions:

MapRunF the original app
MapRun6 the latest app. Both of these will work on your phone.
MapRunG for using maprun on a Garmin Watch.

For pdf copies of the map and their pin codes email Jerry :