Lakeland Orienteering Club

SI manager equipment and services

Last updated: Thu 19 May 2022

The SI Manager maintains the computing and SI equipment and prepares the appropriate equipment for events.

The SI Manager will also coordinate getting the event information results onto the LOC website and submit the results to the relevant agencies.

For Regional and Local events the SI manager will normally provide:

- Advice on control numbers to use for the event

- Advice on issues with different types of event format with reference to the results system

- Planning computer equipment if necessary

- The computer equipment for the event

- A power source (if no mains power is available)

- A cash float for the registration

- Forms for the entries at registration

- The start, clear, check, finish and safety controls

- Getting the results onto the LOC website

In order to do this the following will be required:

In terms of Organisation:

‚Äč - Information about the event for the website

- Whether mains power and accommodation is available at the registration/download site

In terms of planning:

- How many course controls are needed, including the extras for sites with multiple controls

- the XML course description file from the planning program for the event database

- The base map of the area in OCAD9 file format

- A copy of the 'All controls' map

Note that If using Purple Pen an Event Description Document describes how to create the XML and Routegadget file sets, and the SI Manager will also be able to advise on their production.