Lakeland Orienteering Club

Organising and Planning EventsInformation for planners and organisers of LOC events

Last updated: Thu 19 May 2022

The SI manager will normally provide equipment and services as defined in the attached document - here

The format of the information required for the website is summarised in the attached document - here

A description of how you create the course description information from a Purple Pen planning file here. This includes the course description file, the files for Routegadget and the 'All Controls' map needed for the computer database before the event and the results afterwards.

The sequence to read the Start and Finish controls in SI Timing to identify missing runners - here.

The process to cancel, postpone (reschedule) an event - here

The LOC documents associated with organising a major or national event are available - here

​​​The LOC documents associated with organising a Regional event are available - here

The LOC documents associated with organising, controlling and planning a Local event are available for each task - here

Normally both Organising and Planning are done by the same person for Local events, with advice from a series controller, therefore they must read both Organiser and Planner documents (appropriate to the event type). Hopefully they provide the information needed and answer any questions you may have.