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Last updated: Tue 7 Nov 2023

Orienteering is an exciting outdoor adventure sport which involves navigating around a course using a detailed map and sometimes a compass.
The aim is to navigate between a set of control points and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. It does not matter how young, old or fit you are, and you can run, walk or jog round the course and progress at your own pace.

Family Project End of Year 1 report.

Millerground overview:

Come and have an adventure with us on Sunday 3rd December (10am-12) in the beautiful lakeshore surroundings at Millerground. Our special maps will take you off exploring mixture of fields, woodland and shoreline - all with amazing views over lake Windermere.

This event is suitable for complete beginners with a choice of three map-reading courses to follow through Rayrigg Meadow, over Queen Adelaide's Hill and along the lakeshore. You can choose to do one, two or all three courses on the day.

Progress around the courses will be recorded with an electronic timing device (dibber) which will be loaned to children from the registration area.

There will be lots of helpers available to help you get started and answer any questions that you may have.


Rayrigg Meadow, Millerground LA23 1BP


Parking will be available at Rayrigg Meadow Car Park, LA23 1BP (1 hour £2, 1-2 hours £3.60, 2-3 hours £4.70).

There are also roadside spaces at the lower end of Birthwaite Road, near its junction with the A592.

Millerground is a short downhill walk from Windermere town centre where there is plenty of additional parking including Broad Street Car Park, LA23 2AB. You could also park at Windermere Jetty Museum, LA23 1BN, for a fee. Please allow extra time to walk to Rayrigg Meadow.

Please do NOT use the Millerground layby for parking.


The area is compact but varied with wonderful views across Windermere to distant fells.

The courses will visit parkland, hillside and lakeshore paths.

We have been granted access to the football field but, to avoid damage, please avoid crossing the pitch.

The Millerground map has been recently updated (2023) and the scale will be 1:2500.


The courses will start and finish in the park near to the Rayrigg Meadow play area.


Shortest and easiest to navigate – follows paths, with checkpoints at each path junction to help with decision making.

1.2km 16 controls


Longer and fairly easy navigation – follows paths and line features (fences, walls,…), some decisions to be made at paths junctions without a checkpoint, checkpoints may be just off the line features.

1.4km 16 controls


Longer with a little more navigational challenge.

1.7km 17 controls

Explorer Points can be earned at this event for all LOC Juniors signed up to the rewards scheme.


Children must be supervised by a responsible adult.

Please be aware that there is a long section of open lakeshore. There are some sections of fairly steep hillside, which may become slippery, some craggy areas and some thicker vegetation – please take care. Also, please make space for other park users. The courses visit open hillside – ticks are unlikely, but please check after the event.

Courses aim to avoid the main parking areas, but please take care around traffic. A very short section of the Orange course runs along the pavement, behind the Millerground layby next to the main road – this section will be supervised by marshalls.


The event is completely FREE to attend.

To help our organisation, we request that you sign up by completing an entry form for each participant.

Millerground Family Adventures Sign-up Form


The event will run from 10am – 12 noon.

There will be lots of volunteers available to help you get started.

You can choose to do one, two or all three courses on the day.

Progress around the courses will be recorded with an electronic timing device (dibber) which will be loaned to children from the registration area.

You should return to the registration/download area to download your results after each course and MUST download and return dibbers before you leave.


Windermere Town Council have provided us with free access to the toilets at Rayrigg Meadow for the duration of the event.

There is also a fabulous children’s playground and numerous picnic tables.


Dogs on leads are welcome.

Please clean up after your dog.


Planner/Organiser: Kath Savage

Controller: Dick Towler

Explorer awards Winter Series (Part 1)

Explorer awards after Roanhead

Family Challenge Log Book

There are 8 different kinds of courses you can enter.

How many controls can you locate?

Build up from Acorn (10) Tree (25) Copse (50) Wood (75) to Forest (100)

LOC Maprun Challenge Details

LOC Maprun Challenge Course information

How to use Maprun

LOC Novice Maprun Challenge Course in Maprun6

Explorer Awards table after 1st Park Series 16 Aug

Explorer Awards table after 3rd Park Series 30 Aug

Explorer Awards table after 3rd Park Series 6 Sep

Explorer Awards table after Hardknott 8 Oct

Explorer Awards table after AGM 14 Oct

Explorer awards table after Fell Foot Oct 27

Explorer Awards Autumn Badge Winners

Explorer Awards table at the completion of the Summer Series

Details of our new Explorer Awards Scheme for junior members. Points are earned by finding controls at selected LOC events. To take part, please send an email with the junior member's name and age to

Controls found by 14th June

Controls found up to JK

Have some spooky orienteering fun at Fell Foot

October Half Term

Mon 23 10-12

Wed 25 1-3pm

Our Spring Series Events are suitable for all abilities and families will be very welcome. Not sure what to expect? We have created some helpsheets to get you started and there will be lots of support available at each of the events.

LOC Event Tips

LOC Map Tips Cunswick Scar

LOC Map Tips Orrest Head

Come and have an adventure with us on Saturday 30th September in the picturesque countryside surrounding Sizergh Castle. Our special maps will take you off exploring a mixture of fields and woodland areas across the estate to find checkpoints.This Find Your Way event will use the free Maprun app to record your progress and upload your results.
White, Yellow and Orange courses

OMM Grassmere Sat 3 Sun 4 June

Alongside British Orienteering, we will be providing free activities and adventure courses from the Grasmere Showfield at the OMM Festival and Grasmere Gallop weekend.
Have a go at finding your way around a mini course within the Grasmere Showfield or tackle a longer trail around the beautiful Grasmere village. You can also race against the clock in our mini orienteering maze with SI timing.
Entry to the showfield will be free and the activities will be open for all to join in. So come along and find us, soak up the festival atmosphere and have a go at navigation.
All ages and abilities are welcome.

Sat 3rd (10am-3pm) and Sun 4th June (10-1pm)
Grasmere Showfield LA22 9SL

An update on the Family Project

and March Update

update page 2

Come and have an adventure with us on Sunday 25th June in the lovely lakeside grounds of Fell Foot Park as we launch the first of our Find Your Way events.
Explore the park using our special maps to find checkpoints and learn to use the free Maprun app to record your progress and upload your results.

Orange Yellow and White courses.

Explorer Challenge Summer Series

Well done to all the LOC juniors who collected points and earned Explorer Badges for finding controls during our Spring Challenge. Your points will be carried forward and there are five more Explorer Badge events during the summer where you can add to your total.You can join the challenge and start earning badge points at any time by emailing with child's name and age.

Controls found by 28 June

LOC Family Project

What we have been working on so far

What we would like to consider developing in the future

Stoney Hazel

Family O event

25th March

see events for more details

Adventure on your doorstep

Coming soon:

Free February half-term family-fun workshops

Six days in/near two lakeland town centres


Monday 20th to Saturday 25th February - All morning sessions

Book your sessions here

Kendal Naughty Elf Trail

17-30 Dec 2022

Help find all the naughty elves in Kendal

Naughty Elf map

Naughty Elf answer sheet

Ulverston Naughty Reindeer Trail

17-30 Dec 2022

Help find all the naughty reindeer in Ulverston

Naughty Reindeer map

Naughty Reindeer answer sheet

Thank you to everyone who has told us how much they have enjoyed the Reindeer trail! Ford Park office is now closed for Christmas and will remain closed until 2nd January. However the reindeer trail is still up and running. When you have completed the trail if you search under the Christmas tree you will (hopefully) find a box where you can claim your reward, information about February events and leave your answer sheet and contact details. (please note laminated maps are also not available so please print your own at home before you come to the trail.)

Orienteering can be a competitive individual sport or a recreational activity. You normally take part individually, but beginners can go out in pairs or a small group. At a competitive event, the person that visits all the controls in the right order, in the shortest time, is the winner.

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Video help

Manchester and District Orienteering Club have produced a series of 4 videos.

The following video shows you how to start orienteering. We look at the basic elements of the map and particular symbols, what controls look like, and what to expect at a Permanent Course or competition. This video series is designed to help you get out and go orienteering - the ultimate outdoor sport that's a mental and physical challenge. It's a sport for all ages and Permanent Orienteering Courses mean it can be done whenever suits you.

Other videos in the series:

2. Getting Going:

3. Getting Confident:

4. Getting Faster: