Lakeland Orienteering Club

Event Information

Last updated: Thu 19 May 2022

For each event there will already be quite a lot of information which is standard for those events, depending on type and level of event. Most of the sections will already have some standard text but some of that fixed information may be adjusted for a specific event but this should be agreed with the SI Manager and Series Coordinator. This template defines the information sections where event specific information is required.

Please look at other similar event descriptions on the website as examples for the typical text for each section.

Main Content

Event Date Date

- This section should already be complete.

Event Name Name

- This section should already be complete.


- This section should already be complete.


- This section should already be complete, any proposed additions or changes must be agreed with the SI Manager.

Body text

- More detailed event information be agreed with the SI Manager.


- A photo of the area for event promotion – optional.

Pre-entry details

Course Information

- Names and details (distance/climb) of courses. Any notes specific to the courses.

- Who mapped the area and whether it a new or recently updated map.
- Entry Details Seniors and juniors cost of entry. Any specific notes.

Terrain Description

- Description of the terrain, e.g. open fell, rocky, forest, etc.

Registration & Start Time

- The registration and start time windows and text covering dibber entry should already be present,.

- Time to the start and back from the finish to download.


- Toilets?
- Other specific features, e.g. catering, suppliers?
- Safety considerations in addition to those already in the website details, some text is standard.

Public transport

- Bus/train information (if any).

Dog Restrictions

- Dogs welcome or not, whether on lead in some areas only.


- Name, e-mail address and phone number of Organiser, with optional photo. Names of Planner, Controller and Coordinator, with optional photo.

Event Location


- Brief description of how to locate the event, using grid refs if appropriate. Parking in field, on forest track or roadside, etc.

- Parking charge?

Nearest Town

- Local town, village or known habitation – e.g. Kendal, Haverthwaite, Graythwaite.

Postcode (for Satnav use)

- Nearest useful postcode, e.g. Nearest Town, farm pub, use 'Postcode finder' ( if it's not known

Grid reference

- 2 letters and 6 figure grid reference of parking, assembly, where to turn off road, etc. to allow runners to locate event.