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Last updated: Sun 1 Jan 2023

Welcome to the LOC coaching page

Orienteering Coaching

Coaching in orienteering is no different to any other sport, where people are asked to question their technique. Specifically in orienteering to question their ideas about how they navigate.

There is no single correct way to orienteer.

Members will use a subset of the available techniques to create their own individual style.

In order to become more efficient in navigation then each person may try new skills and techniques, but these may be different for each individual.

Being coached raises the bar in terms of your understanding of the sport.

Coaching is about helping members who want to improve their orienteering technique but are not sure how.

If you would like some help to understand how you currently orienteer, and how you might change, then please get in touch – coaching at Lakeland-orienteering dot org dot uk.

In early 2023 we will be running some coaching sessions on Wednesday afternoons in late January & February, and Saturdays in February, March, April.

Please get in touch if you are interested in coming along.

Richard Tiley

Lakeland OC Lead Coach

Richard Tiley
Richard Tiley

The following videos are entertaining and educational. They are part of the GET OUT AND GO series.

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and others

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