Lakeland Orienteering Club

Ulverston Victoria High SchoolWed 15 Sept

Race 1, Sept 2021 Sprint Series

Local level event

What does this mean?

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Training events are non competitive and used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships.

Terrain type: School






Results and analysis links (Winsplits & Routegadget) are now available here for tonight's event.

Thank you for joining us on a glorious evening at Ulverston Victoria High School, we hope you enjoyed the event ! Many thanks to Emily for planning, Graham as Series Co-ordinator and the SI Team of Ali & Mike.

Any questions on the results, please drop us a line at

Last updated: Thu 28 April, 2022


Typical school site with several buildings, playing fields and small blocks of woodland.

Location Info

Near: Ulverston
Lat,Lng: 54.18876,-3.09486
Postcode: LA12 0EB

The pins on the maps show the location of the parking, the start may be some distance away

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Pre-event Details

Map / Terrain

Typical school site with several buildings, playing fields and small blocks of woodland.

Course Information

There will be 2 sprint courses of 1.5 - 2km plus a course suitable for beginners. You can run either of the sprint courses or both, times will not be combined for both.

Map scale is 1:2000

If you are likely to to take 20 mins + on either Sprint course, please do enter in the first start block once entries open.

How to choose a course

Entry Details

Entries closed on 12th September, you can check your entry and start block via SI Entries here.

Registration and Start times

Start times from 16.45-18.00.

Courses will close at 18.15 and the site must be cleared by 18.45

Dog restrictions

<p>No dogs allowed at all please</p>

Contacts / Officials

Coordinator: Graham Capper

Planner/Organiser: Emily Turner

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