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Local event - Blawith FellSun 20 Dec

Local level event

What does this mean?

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Training events are non competitive and used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships.

Terrain type: Fell






Thanks to all those who came to this event, we hope you enjoyed it, despite the challenging weather at times. Please send any comments or queries about the results to ''.

We hope to see you again.soon.

Last updated: Fri 29 April, 2022


It is an area of open fell with tussocky grass, marshes, some rocks and crags and uneven ground. There are quite a lot of new motor bike tracks have appeared. Do not rely on paths.

Location Info

Near: Gawthwaite
Lat,Lng: 54.27790,-3.13542
OS Grid Ref: SD260874
Postcode: LA12 8EH

The pins on the maps show the location of the parking, the start may be some distance away

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Directions / Parking

Access to the event will be signposted from the A5092 Grid Ref 261849 close to Gawthwaite

The car parking/assembly area will be at Birchbank Farm - LA12 8EW, Grid ref. SD 260 874.

No minibuses please, and we recommend that only members of a single family or 'bubble' travel to the event in a car.

Pre-event Details

Map / Terrain

It is an area of open fell with tussocky grass, marshes, some rocks and crags and uneven ground. There are quite a lot of new motor bike tracks have appeared. Do not rely on paths.

Course Information

The following courses will be offered:

Course Length (km) Climb (m)
Long 6.4 320
Medium 4.0 165
Short 2.8 100
Light Green 2.5 100

Note that because of the nature of the terrain the Long, Medium and Short courses willl be TD5 (technical) in nature and the Light green will be TD4.

There will be 2 starts for Long/Short and Medium/Light Green, please make sure you go to the correct start.

There will be no courses suitable for novice runners.

There will be a safety control after the Finish, please punch there as you go past as it is an important part of our safety strategy.

Both Starts will be 900m almost flat from parking.

It will be 700m from the Finish back to Download and parking.

Course will close at 14.30.

Please remember to return to Download as soon as possible when you have finished your run.

How to choose a course

Entry Details

Entry fees:

  • Seniors: £6
  • Juniors/Students: £3

Pre-existing medical conditions which may be relevant during the event should be declared when you enter or written down and handed into Enquiries in an envelope.

Pre-entries will re-open on the 4th December after the current lockdown ends and will close on the 17th December when on-line editing will also end. Entries can be edited by the person who placed the entry on that website.

The start times will be available on the Si Entries page showing the time window format or in PDF form here showing the first time within the 15 minute start window after entries close.

Helpers should ignore the time slot entry on the Si Entries in favour of agreeing their start time with the Organiser (Judy Filmore)

Registration and Start times

There will be NO EOD and there will be NO Si Cards to be hired on a day basis.

Registration will be by pre-entry on the Si Entries website with 15 minute start blocks from 10.30 - 12.30 where an available entry time slot can be booked and payment made online.

Unfortunately, based on government guidelines, we cannot accept entries from areas which are in COVID Tier 3 at that time.

In order to manage the flow of runners through the start all runners must use the selected start window if possible.

Any entry queries which cannot be sorted out on the Si Entries website should be addressed to before the event, or at Download on the event day before you go to the start.

Unless they have any queries about their entry competitors should go directly to the Start for their booked start time, they should come to the event changed ready to run and to leave after downloading before changing.

Any LOC members who DO NOT own an Si Card and would like to enter this or any of the possible events in the near future can borrow one (Si Card 5) until the crisis is over, please e-mail with your name, Ageclass/gender, Year of Birth, BOF no., and I will arrange that one to be collected at the first event you attend. There will be the usual £30 fee for a lost SI Card.



There will be no traders or food stalls.


We will be able to use the toilets which are part of Birchbank campsite facilities - no campers will be present.


Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Shorts may be allowed, but if the weather is inclement, it may be necessary to wear/carry appropriate clothing, e.g. cagoules may be advisory. A whistle must be carried on the course.

There are a few public footpaths through the completion areas – please avoid contact with the public!

First aid

First aid will be available at the finish but please DIY if at all possible to avoid unnecessary contact.

Companions will be asked to take injured people to hospital if needed.

Local Accident and Emergency – Furness General Barrow in Furness LA14 4LF

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Judy Filmore 07917 831062

Planner: Simon Filmore

Controller: Roger Smith

Nearest A&E Hospital

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