Coaching 7 - Kendal - CANCELLED

Part of Spring 2020 Coaching Series

Sat 4 Apr 2020


Type of event: Training

Info updated: Tue 17 Mar


Results will be available soon.

Pre Event Info

The coaching series - this is a chance to be introduced to new techniques and practice those  which have become rusty. This will contribute to improving your results and enjoying your orienteering even more.

The sessions are for anyone of Orange standard or above and will be great for focusing on the British Champs. JK and Compass Sport Cup events as well as all the other events we hold in Cumbria. The sessions will include mainly middle and relay skills with urban and long thrown in.

The overall schedule is attached here.

The training will involve specially planned exercises, each a mini-course aimed at a particular skill. Each will be fully explained. Most training will not be timed - the idea is not to rush, rather to focus on the aim of the exercise. The training will concentrate on the basics that we should all use all the time, but often forget about - running straight and confidently on the compass on every leg - following the contour features as you go. Some exercises will use maps with most of the detail removed and the contours remaining. 
These sound difficult, with no line-features to follow, but we guarantee that, with the right approach, they will start to feel dead easy! Young juniors and beginners should not be put off - there will be coaches around to help.

Time from 10.30 to 12.30
Cost £4 (LOC vouchers may be used), free for juniors (U18)
Medical forms to be completed. PDF copy attached which can be downloaded..
Suitable clothing for area and conditions
LOC website to be updated each week for following Saturday.

Orange level participants should come with someone more experienced to help them.

Book in for each session with Carol McNeill – crlmcneill( AT )

This Coaching Session

The venue for this session will be Kendal.

Focus = pressure and decision making.

The coach will be Dick Towler.

More details to follow.


Nearest town: Kendal

Important Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser.

Runners MUST download even if they retire so we can be sure everyone is back and that we do not need to start a search and rescue.

Participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Help and Information: Anyone needing any advice about Orienteering should talk to the Organiser.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.