Lakeland Orienteering Club

Boo TarnWed 12 Jun

Summer Series 2

Local level event

What does this mean?

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Training events are non competitive and used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships.

Terrain type: Fell





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What a lovely evening to be up on the fell near Coniston it was tonight ! A little chilly with the wind, but always amazing views to be had from Boo Tarn of the surrounding fells. We hope you enjoyed your courses tonight.

As always, many thanks to everyone involved in putting on the event - Alan for planning, Nick for safety controlling and first aid cover, Alan as Series Co-ordinator also, Peter H for manning the Orange/Yellow start, Louise for newcomer welcome, Andy, Nick, James, Rob and Pete for control collecting, the SI Team of Ali, Mike and Scott and the very kind gentleman, who wasn't orienteering who manned the gate for a time.

Last updated: Thu 13 June, 2024


The event area is above Coniston on the side of the Old Man of Coniston, and is crossed by the Walna Scar Road

Location Info

Near: Coniston
Lat,Lng: 54.36345,-3.09591
Postcode: LA21 8HD
What3Words: ///stubborn.exhaled.shipyards

The pins on the maps show the location of the parking, the start may be some distance away

Open an interactive map in:
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Directions / Parking

Parking will be at the head of the minor road running steeply up from
Coniston towards the Walna Scar, starting from the junction near the Sun
Hotel. The car park lies just beyond where the road comes through a gate
on to the open fell, and is owned by Rydal Estates who levy a parking
charge, currently £6 for 4 hours, and £8.50 for a full day.

Grid reference of the car park: SD 288969

Post Code of the Sun Hotel: LA21 8HQ

Pre-event Details

Map / Terrain

Scale 1:7500 and 5 m contours.

Map last updated in year (not known).

The map will be size A4 and printed on waterproof paper.

The part south of the Walna Scar Road is flat or gently inclined moorland with no tree cover, but patches of bracken planted with saplings. There are extensive marshy areas which are wetter than usual for the time of year, and caution is required to avoid the worst of these. The area is crossed by an unmapped fence.

North of the Walna Scar Road the area consists of a hillside of varying degrees of steepness, with no tree cover and only small areas of bracken and marsh. It contains crags of various heights where caution is required.

If the weather is bad you may be required to carry a hooded waterproof jacket.

Full leg cover isn’t compulsory unless otherwise stated.

You must carry a whistle.

Course Information

Long Technical: 4.2km, 230m climb, 20 controls.

Short Technical: 3.1km, 125m climb, 13 controls.

Orange: 2.4km, 90m climb, 12 controls.

Yellow: 2.1km, 80m climb, 11 controls.

There will be 2 starts, a high one for the technical courses, and a low one for orange and yellow.

Distances to starts and climb

High Start 900 m with 95 m climb

Low Start 300 m with no climb

Distance from finish 100m

Course closing time 20.00 hours


A new fence has appeared running across the area south of the Walna Scar Road, and this is NOT SHOWN on the map. There are a number of crossing points in the form of gates or stiles. All four courses cross this fence, the technical courses twice (at different points) and orange / yellow once. In all cases crossings are through gates, and controls have been placed on these. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUNCH THESE, AND SHUT THE GATES AFTER YOU. Do not cross the fence anywhere other than these gates.

In the control descriptions, the controls on the gates are shown with the crossing point symbol. There are no crossing points actually shown on the map, but the control circles are as near as possible to where the gates are situated. Please don't be confused by the absence of the fence or gates on the map!

How to choose a course

Entry Details

Online entries are open at SiEntries. Online entry will close at 23:59 on Sunday 9th June, some entry on the day will also be available.

Fees for online entry:

  • £6 for seniors who are members of either British Orienteering (BO) or LOC
  • £7 for seniors who are not members of either BO or LOC
  • £4 for juniors and full-time students
  • Free for LOC Juniors

Fees for entry on the day:

  • £7 for seniors who are members of either BO or LOC
  • £8 for seniors who are not members of either BO or LOC
  • £4 for juniors and full-time students
  • Free for LOC Juniors

If entering on the day, the correct change would be very much appreciated please!

Registration and Start times

Registration 5.00

Starts 5.30-7pm

Courses close 8pm

SI cards (dibbers) and compasses will be available for those who do not have them.

Maps for ALL COURSES will be at the starts, and with the exception of the yellow will be picked up after starting. Yellow competitors will be allowed to study the map before starting. Copies of the orange and yellow maps will be available at Newcomer Welcome (alongside registration), where it will be possible to see them and seek help or advice if required, but not take a map away. Please take advantage of this if there is anything you aren't sure about, or if you want to talk to anyone about orienteering.


No toilets at parking. Nearest in Coniston

Dog restrictions

On leads in parking area

Contacts / Officials

Planner Alan Heppenstall

Series Alan Heppenstall

Safety Nick Howlett

Nearest A&E Hospital

NHS Urgent care search