In order to use the e-mail addresses to communicate with anyone on our LOC Team replace the '-AT-' text string in the address with the more normal '@' symbol.

photo of Carol McNeill

Club President

Carol McNeill

photo of Information

General enquiries


photo of Louise Dunn


Louise Dunn

photo of Vacant



photo of Gill Browne

Fixtures Secretary

Gill Browne

photo of Sandy Turner


Sandy Turner

photo of Sue Butterfield


Sue Butterfield

photo of Simon Filmore

Membership Secretary

Simon Filmore

photo of Chris Heppenstall

Mapping Officer

Chris Heppenstall

photo of Vacant

Publicity Officer


photo of Derek Fryer

Relay Coordinator

Derek Fryer

photo of Sandy Turner

Junior Coordinator

Sandy Turner

photo of Carol McNeill

Lead Coach

Carol McNeill

photo of Dave Walton / Ali & Mike Hooper

SI Manager

Dave Walton / Ali & Mike Hooper

photo of Jerry Purkis

Maprun Coordinator

Jerry Purkis

photo of Ali Hooper / Jerry Purkis

Website Manager

Ali Hooper / Jerry Purkis

photo of Selwyn Wright

Welfare Officer

Selwyn Wright

photo of Rowan Purkis

Club Clothing

Rowan Purkis

photo of Laura Brown

Junior Representative

Laura Brown

photo of Heather Heppenstall

Club Captain

Heather Heppenstall

photo of Dick Towler

Permissions Officer

Dick Towler

photo of Rob Browne

NW Area Co-ordinator

Rob Browne