Coaching - Esthwaite Intake

A coaching session for LOC only, not suitable for beginners

Thu 13 May 2021

Wednesday 26th May 5.30  – 7.30pm.

Extra coaching session at Esthwaite Intake for LOC members only. Not suitable for beginners.

This is an alternative to the usual Battleaxe events, planned by Martin Bagness but run by LOC/Carol as a course (controls & SI Boxes) for people to use as prep for the Middle Distance Champs at Summerhouse Knott. It will be a similar set up to the Bishop Woods course before Christmas where Heather Heppenstall co-ordinated a coaching approach.

A ‘Long’ course (3.6) uses the area around Grizedale Tarn, which is very tough running and difficult navigation - rather like a nasty Finnish area! And a ‘Short’ course (2.1) misses this bit, and is mostly quite nice. We will use the mini printer for download – no ‘results’ will be recorded or put on the website.

DO NOT plan to arrive at 5.30 – you need to be spread out over the time gap.

A low key approach - registering with Carol () who will send out final details with parking and advised start slot as well as the usual coaching med’ form. Cost - £4 to be sent to the LOC account or 2 vouchers on the night.

Shadowing/working in pairs will be encouraged to enable good communication while working on specific skills. This area is nothing like Summerhouse Knott! – quite tough going under foot and with sections of low visibility – it should make you proceed with care, practice maintaining map contact going as straight as possible – as per the zoom guidance.

Everyone attending will be expected to continue with social distancing throughout and take responsibility for following the current guidance.

Let  Carol <>  know if you want to come. Also if you would like to help with putting out controls(4pm) , first aid, parking & collecting controls, - no cost if you help.


LOC Lead Coach

Planner – Martin Bagness

Co-ordinator - Carol McNeill.

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