Becoming a Coach

Mon 7 Dec 2020

The club is always in need of more coaches to help with introducing beginners and also working with more experienced orienteers helping them improve their skills, results and enjoyment.  If you think that this is the way you would like to put something back into the sport then read on; select the level which suits you best and contact Carol () to book in.

There are 3 courses and levels:

  1. A BO online eLearning 1 hour course - £30
  2. Introduction to Coaching  1 day or 2 half day course
  3. Level 2 – Club Coach.

LOC will offer subsidy to any member attending a course and then assisting at coaching/teaching sessions where possible. On completing any of these courses you will be given further support and opportunities to help with coaching days, primary school sessions, school events, family days, Fell Foot CATIs.

1. The British Orienteering eLearning Introducing Orienteering Course

Autumn 2020

Introducing Orienteering is a brand new initiative and has been designed to be the first step on the leadership pathway and aims to equip leaders with the knowledge and confidence to introduce Orienteering within their setting in a fun and supportive way

The course is aimed at Teachers, Outdoor Centre Staff, Youth Leaders and Uniformed Group Leaders, the course objectives are

  • To understand what Orienteering is and how to Introduce it in a fun and exciting way.
  • To be able to introduce progressive group learning activities across varied learning environments
  • To be aware of safety requirements.
  • To be aware of the opportunities for exit routes for young people and Leaders

This eLearning course is priced at £30 and will take approximately an hour to complete and you will also receive the following:

  • Certificate
  • 10 Group learning activities
  • 7 supporting resources
  • School Games information
  • British Schools Orienteering Championships information
  • Information on both on mapped and virtual courses across the country
  • A list of useful books to support learning
  • A list of Equipment suppliers and sources of funding

LOC Members who are interested in applying to do this online course should apply to BO direct. Please let Carol know if you do it and if it can be recommended.

  2. Introduction to Coaching Workshops

These now replace the L1 Orienteering Coach 3-day training and assessment as initial training for orienteering club members who wish to start helping to coach in their clubs. One day or two half day practical workshops are available for active coaches to deliver to their club members:

  • Coaching to the Start Triangle

  - For those who want to help newcomers at events or club activity session

  - Good practice introductory map walk and star exercise to help people get started orienteering in a fun and interactive way without a lot of ‘talk’ and ‘jargon’

  • Route to Coaching

  - A progression for those who want to learn more about helping at coaching sessions

  - How to give a short safety briefing at the start of a coaching session

  - How to lead a ‘fun’ warm-up and deliver a short coaching session from a plan

These workshops can each be delivered in an evening or half day or as a one day introduction to coaching.  This flexibility will be less costly in time / money for clubs and will be a good introduction for orienteers who want to help with coaching at their club.

LOC club members who would like to join the next course should contact Carol, our Lead Coach who will respond with further details.


  3. Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Orienteering (from the BO website)

LOC Members interested in joining a Level 2 course should contact Carol – Lead Coach (2020+) who will send details of dates etc.

The Level Two Award is for people who wish to coach the techniques and skills of orienteering beyond an introductory level and apply them on all areas except those that are complex, exposed or mountainous. The award is only suitable for those with experience of coaching orienteering.


Course Pre Requisites

 Be 18 years of age or older on the first day of the course

 Demonstrate an ability to perform the skills and techniques of TD5 (Level 5) of the British Orienteering Step System


The Course Content

 Induction and pre-course tasks - 3 hours

 Course of training including practical and theory – 18 hours

 Home study prior to assessment - 20 hours

 A further 6 coaching sessions that are progressive and mentored by a qualified coach, will take place following the course and prior to assessment.


The Assessments

 Internal assessment of candidate’s coaching and knowledge - 6 hours

 Independent assessment of a practical coaching session and tasks - 2 hours


The Portfolio

Candidates will be required to complete a full and detailed portfolio, which is task-based. Much of this work will be completed during the theory parts of the course programme.

The Portfolio will include evidence of:

 Gathering information – including risk assessments and incident forms

 Roles, skills, qualities and ethical values

 Fitness for orienteering

 Anti-doping

 Coaching styles and effective communication

 Planning coaching sessions and evaluating them


Additional evidence should be collated for your portfolio (only photocopies required):

1. Any certificates e.g. Introduction to Coaching Orienteering Certificate

2. Any sports coach UK (scUK) Workshop certificates


Work to include:

 Orienteering Step System and Long Term Athlete Development model

 Coaching styles and philosophy

 How to Coach Skills

 Introducing a technique at technical difficulty 1 and 2 (practical)

 Safety management

 Planning sessions

 Developing a technique to technical difficulty 3 (practical)

 Goal setting

 Mental aspects of orienteering

 Evaluating orienteering performance

 Shadowing (practical)

 Components of fitness

 Warming up and cooling down (practical)

 Developing a technique to technical difficulty 4 and 5 (practical)

 Planning linked and progressive sessions

 Methods of session evaluation and evaluation planning


What Support can be expected?

Support on the course from British Orienteering Educators to:

 Complete portfolio work except 6 x session plans

 Formative assessment

 Detailed learner action plan

 Signposting to mentors and learning opportunities


How long will it take to gain the level 2 award? Registration Period

 The assessments must be completed within 18 months of registration on the course and the portfolio completed and marked within 2 years of registration.

 Most candidates should be able to complete the Award within 6 – 9 months of attending the course.


What will I be qualified to do?

 Those accredited at Level Two will be able to coach the full range of techniques and skills in the modern sport of orienteering and to lead a group of coaches in delivering a programme in a safe and enjoyable way.

 Coaches accredited will be able to introduce the sport to participants, coach at club training sessions and coach athletes competing in local and regional events.


What could I do next?

Ensure that you keep up to date with initiatives by:

 Reading the British Orienteering web site

 Being a member of British Orienteering and ensuring you have valid insurance

 Attend CPD events

 Attend UK Orienteering League events

 Keep up to date with sports science initiatives

 Coach at clubs involved in delivering training nights

 Observe coaches working in orienteering’s talent pathway


COSTS – the around £ 500 costs for this course is heavily subsidised by LOC and NWOA and an Orienteering Foundation grant.

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