An introduction to making maps for orienteering using Zoom - 10th April 2021

Presented by LOC/NWOA – for ALL orienteers

Wed 31 Mar 2021

Following on from the Spring Coaching sessions we are organising some sessions to show you how to make a map for orienteering.  Having an insight into the practical aspects of map making and O-cartography can really help your orienteering skill development. Getting yourself into the head of the mapper allows you to focus on what is important in the terrain. We are fortunate to have Martin Bagness again, who you should know is one of the UK’s best professional map maker(s).

If you have dabbled in the past then do join us as these sessions will show you how it has all moved on into the 21st century.

The presentation will be a zoom session - Saturday 10th April 5.30 – 6.45pm.

  •  Mapping basics; an introduction to practical aspects of surveying all kinds of maps. More about pencils, rubbers & sticky tape than OCAD & Lidar
  • ‘Techy’ know-how will be supplied by handout
  • An outdoor practical - 4 hours – park and school maps. Date & ‘covid’ friendly details to be arranged.
  • An outdoor practical – 4 hours – woodland & forest maps. Date to be arranged

Thanks to a generous grant from NWOA there will be no costs for you (apart from a new pencil & travel to the outdoor sessions).

To sign up for any of these then please email me (Carol) on .

A recording will be made if you can’t make the zoom session.

British Orienteering is also in the process of setting up some map making webinars. These too will be aimed at encouraging orienteers to make some maps with a slant on knowing about and using up to date software. The first of these is to be held on Tuesday 20th April 7.30pm . The NWOA/LOC sessions will complement these and if you are interested then you are encouraged to attend both. Details will be on the BO website.

Make the most of these before we get overtaken by covid restrictions being lifted and we are away  enjoying activities we have been waiting over a year for.


LOC Lead Coach

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