Sprint Race 3 - Brockhole

Part of September 2021 Sprint Series

Event date: Wed 29 Sep

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Virtual Orienteering

MapRun and Permanant Courses

MapRun F, Source:

Press here to go to LOC MapRun menu


Maprun is an app which runs on both Android and Apple mobile phones and GPS enabled tablets. It can be downloaded free of charge.

There are now multiple versions:

MapRunF   the original app

MapRun6   the latest app           Both of these will work on your phone.

MapRunG  for using maprun on a Garmin Watch.

The LOC courses are normal orienteering courses except that there are no physical markings on the ground identifying the location of the control sites. The mobile device will ‘beep’ at each site.

Save the new date - LOC Fifty (2nd) Anniversary Party

, Source:

Lakeland's much postponed 50th Anniversary Party has a(nother) date! Please make a note of the new date in your 2022 diary: Friday 1st July 2022.

It should be a great party with dinner and a...

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British Orienteering Long Distance Championships and Junior Home Internationals

British Orienteering Long Distance Championships

Congratulations to Laura Brown who won the W16 silver medal at the recent British Orienteering Long Distance Championships on the sand dunes of...

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LOC Autumn Coaching - Saturday 30th October & 20th November

2 days for an opportunity to brush up on techniques

Saturday 30th October, 10.15 – 12.00 (approx)

Rusland Beeches (TBC) focusing on Relocation

I would say 99% of us need to practice staying calm and thinking clearly with a process - especially at...

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Heather Heppenstall - 2021LiaD

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Lakes in a Day Ultra, Caldbeck to Cartmel, 50 miles, 4000m climb

I decided I wanted to challenge myself and get back in to some longer races again after having the kids. Pre kids (Chris and) I had done a certain amount of adventure racing and mountain marathons...

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What is Orienteering?

Orienteering Control, Source:

Orienteering is a sport that combines map reading and running. Competitors have to find their way between a series of checkpoints, called controls, as quickly as possible. There’s no set route between the controls, so you have to decide which way to go and then find your way there without getting lost.

You take part individually, and you don’t get to see the map with the course on it until the race starts, so you can’t plan your route or check out where the controls are in advance. The fastest person to visit all the controls in the right order is the winner.


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Some Useful Videos - Get Out & Go

British Orienteering Race Calendar - www.britishorienteering.org.uk/page/event